B:BSM Brand Image and Design Language

BATTLE:BSM - Powerful design for an even more powerful mission.

We think many would agree with our opinion that the world doesn't need any more boring, cookie cutter apparel brands with no real purpose aside from being just another option in the vast sea of brands out there. That opinion is one of the very key reasons behind the overall image and unique design language that is found on BATTLE:BSM products. From the very moment that B:BSM was conceived, we knew that it could only be powered by a union of powerful design along with the dedicated mission of the brand: A call to battle for all who seek the better way of life through a healthy relationship with God. And that is ultimately what matters the most to us- not to be a highly recognized brand or to make tons of money, but to share truth, motivate and encourage those who are in agreement with what we stand for, and to perhaps spark thought and consideration in those that don't agree with us. In any case, with B:BSM our hope is such that the design would catch the eye, but that the message would catch the heart. We aren't shy about what we believe in and we are well aware that in being so declarative of those beliefs we face an uphill battle in the world of apparel brands. Nevertheless, without our faith, this brand would not and could not exist, so we choose to plant our flag, whatever may come. Whether you choose to support our brand or not, you should know that we love you and believe you are of incredible worth.

Our Design Language:

You will see a few particular design elements that run common through most of our products:


  • Firstly, the Lion is representative of Jesus Christ (the Lion of Judah), whom we believe is the Son of God Who lived, died and rose again for the salvation of all mankind. The Lion represents strength, majesty, and leadership - all characteristics of Jesus. It is also the symbol of a ruler, a king, and often a very fierce and powerful one. The red coloring that is frequently used represents the perfect blood of Christ, which was shed for us as payment for our sins.
  • The cross is used within many of our designs, again referencing the importance of Jesus' sacrifice for us.
  • Certain verses of scripture (Bible verses), are incorporated into some of our designs. These verses confirm and support the message of BATTLE:BSM.
  • As we are inspired by and have a strong affinity for Japanese culture and fashion, you will see regular use of Japanese colors and themes within our designs, as well as Japanese writing and the display of the Japanese flag alongside the USA flag (our home country). We also have a deep love of the custom automotive and motorsport culture of Japan that will be reflected in some of our special collection designs. We are proud to represent the unity between our two nations.
  • The camouflage and similar color patterns used in many of our designs is reflective of the gear that soldiers wear in combat. Those who stand behind and support BATTLE:BSM are considered soldiers in the battle for Body, Spirit and Mind.